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10-19-2003, 06:54 AM
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Originally Posted by flyrfan
I totally agree. I absoulutely hate that idiot , I can't even listen to the games because of him, it's horrible.
Thank god. A lot of the Flyer fans I am friends with (say that 5 times fast) are really sold on the fact the he knows his hockey.
"oh, come on adam, haven't you seen coatesey's corner? he is a genius!"
Everything he shows is either common knowledge or something you learn in pee wee hockey. I am sure he appeals to the casual fan, but I can't stand him.
I know he is a color commentator for the Flyers, but he is too biased even for that job.
"What?!? Someone on the Flyers got hit? Why wasn't there a penalty called?"
"What? Why is that Flyer going to the box? So what his stick broke over the guys head, this is hockey! Let the boys play!"

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