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Originally Posted by orcatown View Post
Not sure why Montreal basically dumped LaPierre.

He was very strong player for the Canucks during the playoffs. Strong on the draw, good checker, good on the PK and at least some offense.

Hard to understand why he was bounced around.

Maybe we'll find some problems in his game next season but at this point looks like a very good bottom 6 player.
Over time, you will notice the following things about Lapierre:

-Yes, he is good at certain aspects of PK, such as chasing players around in the offensive zone. But in his own end, he does not have the hockey sense required to perform the PK rotation and does not have the guts to block shots - two huge PK requirements. Martin likely noticed this and removed him from PK duties.

-He plays scared. Not only is he scared to fight, which is only marginally important, but he typically lets the opponent retrieve the puck first because he doesn't want to get hit. Then, he'll finish his check, thus inflating his hit numbers.

-He buzzes around like crazy but often accomplishes absolutely nothing.

That being said, at certain times he can be extremely effective due to his speed and has been known to pull of highlight reel goals at times. My guess is 2 years from now, you'll agree with me on all this.

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