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06-28-2011, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Turtleneck Plek View Post
The downfall of blogging and new media demonstrated in a thread: A blogger forms his opinion out of facts limited to one side of the story and tries to pass it as objective and fair opinion. Some level-headed posters call him out on his 'fairness' and he answers with childish, "u-mad" posts where he declares that the sheep just follow the herd and are scared of the real content of the dark woods out there because some 'wise man' warned them about it. At the end of the story, the dark woods end up being a nice little forest with unicorns and friendly bears chomping on honey. Nothing to be scared of, but hey, it's all about the tone of the warning, not its accuracy.

It's funny, but listening to most media outlets here, I have the impression that you're the sheep following the herd, Asterix. "Management this, management that, my amateur point of view far outweighs their professional insight bla bla bla." That's all we get here, armchair GM's who believe that their way would be the best, who believe that everything is as easy as it is pulling off trades and signings in NHL 11. Sometimes, you can't entirely judge a trade on what you got/what you lost. It's too easy to say, "hey, we traded such and such for such and such and two years later, nobody's here." You have to take in consideration the contribution, or non-contribution of the players while they were with the club. Sometimes, you can't hold people against their will and you have to accept and, *gulp*, be happy for their professional advancement whether it be inside or outside the company you support. You gotta understand that in a world of guaranteed contracts, you cannot fire Jacques Martin just because Guy Boucher or Kirk Muller is waiting behind him. Yet, you cannot restrain them to second-string jobs while they are clearly ready to lead the pack.

I guess it's just easier to find flaws and criticize them than to actually completely analyze a situation. So keep having your fun on your blog, trying to expose the "real truth" to these ignorant masses who are so wrong because they don't see the situation the way you do. One day, you'll realize you aren't any better than those fools who are sheep to the Habs. That day, you might have a future in sports writing but until then, you'll remain a HFBoards poster who turns forum-fodder to blog posts.

Couldn't have said it better myself.


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