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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Yes, of course I'm mad. I didn't want to get into it because this has been your position on management for a number of years. You're still very nostalgic over the old days, you bring them up at every opportunity when mentioning management. So, I feel it is utterly pointless to discuss this with you as your opinion is never going to change.

You say you call it the way you see it, but you can't even realize that you look at things from a pessimistic and negative way.

You criticize Gauthier for losing the 2nd rounder he gave up for Moore, and then losing him. But you don't even give him credit for going after Moore in the first place. He did not want to ink Moore for 2years, and so replaced him with a very cheap Halpern that ended up being a very suiting replacement. But hey, why mention that, we lost a damn 2nd round pick for someone that helped us a lot..Wait, we then lost that guy, so...ahhh what to think!! Let's just blame Gauthier.

You fail to give him credit for making moves throughout the season to adapt after injuries, like getting Sopel, Mara and Wiz. Instead you rather criticize him for the picks he lost in the process.
You point out that D'Agostini had a good year in St-Louis while Palushaj is doing good in Hamilton, as if it actually made that trade a bad one. Ya, Palushaj is doing well in Hamilton, he's only 21 and just finished a 57pt 68gp season with a 19pts in 19gp PO run. He could very well get called up throughout this season and see more ice time in the NHL. What's wrong with all that exactly?? Nothing is really wrong here, but D'Ago scored 21G in the NHL last year so there's obviously no point in waiting for Palushaj to show what he'll be capable of doing at 24 in the NHL. It was clearly a bad trade....: Did I also mention that St-Louis didn't qualify D'Ago?

Is Eller and Schultz a good enough return for Halak??? For Habsterix, the neutral, rational and observant man, of course not. I mean, it's not like the compensation for a RFA via offersheet for a player signed to Halak money would have been a 1st and a 3rd...Oh wait, yes it was. Eller and Schultz were not 1st and 3rd rounders?? I guess you forgot to think about that in your superb research because you were too busy just looking at the names exchanged.
And obviously, you forget to mention how Gauthier opted to keep Price instead of Halak. No, that's not worth talking about because it would require you actually giving management some Props. Nope, let's not do that. Let's just speculate, and question the fact we could have had more even though there's absolutely no example, none whatsoever, of goalkeepers being traded for better value. Matter of fact, Halak might be the keeper to have brought back the best return in recent years. Are you even aware of what Bryzgalov got the Yotes??? We're talking about a proven starter, that has maintained .920 Sv% over just under 70games on average teams for more than one year, and also stepped up in POs. I'll let you look it up since you seem to enjoy researching.

As for Boucher. If you respected Martin/Gauthier anywhere close to Boucher/Yzerman, you would be giving them credit instead of crapping on their every move. You absolutely praise TB for their success in the season and in the POs but fail to recognize their success in the POs was highly dependent of Roloson and St-Louis, very much like we counted on Halak and Cammy (maybe they had a little more contribution up front but they are an all out offensive team). They also got eliminated once Rollie came back to earth, like Halak did, but thanks to their better depth, they were able to last a bit longer. You praise Boucher for the jump in their regular season, but hey, it's not like they had Stamkos, Vinny, St-Louis, Hedman and Malone. They finished in the bottom 10 for GA, and actually had a worst ES GF/GA ratio than us despite us having three of our top 5 go through career lows, not having a top 6 most of the year and missing two key Dmen. Obviously, again, that would require you to give praise to Martin, but we all know you're incapable of that so you won't even dare giving him an ounce of merit, you'll give it to Price and Subban instead. In TB they have three bonafide superstars and they got through it thanks to them, but let's give credit to Boucher/Yzerman and forget to even mentioning their names.
Of course, C.Desjardins also needs to be brought up. I mean with his amazing contribution and all in TB, it really is a pity.

Yes, Habsterix, it really doesn't appear that you're holding a double standard here...

And while we're at it, might as well criticize management for losing the biggest key to our PP, Kirk Muller.. Yup, I seriously think we will drop down to the bottom part of the league now. Btw, didn't we struggled for a major part of the start of the season with our PP??..And weren't we part of the best PP teams the year before Muller joined??

Obviously, you can't see any good from management. I'm not mad, I don't really care, it's not like you're a new poster here so I knew this already. Pretty much why I kept my first post short and sweet . What I find funny however is that you actually seem to think your opinion is neutral and poised while other fans are overly optimistic.

There are very few rational posters on this board, and I hate to break it to you Habsterix, but you're not one of them.
I don't always like your posts... but this one is just golden! While not every move may be the right one, there are clearly rationals to every move made the past few years and they all make sense.

Only thing is Muller was a huge part of the habs PP success over the years and he will be sorely missed, but he wants to become a head coach... and he's not going to become one here so what is management supposed to do? Also I love how management doesn't get credit for HIRING Muller for so many years, and Martin doesn't get credit for keeping him when he was choosing his coaching staff.

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