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Originally Posted by Melvin Udall View Post

Great management of player assetts....LOL!

The worst part about this management era - is not so much trading a certain player -but what the HABS get in return!

Flyers just got a 3rd round draft choice from Wild for Darroll Powe (not nearly as good or effective as Lapierre....Lappy is on a team in the Cup finals + just re-signed with Vancouver) - yet the Habs effectively gave Lappy away for nothing!

And what did the Habs get for Roberio(?)...Jannie (nothing) Ninima (sp?)!

I know that 2 differnt GMs made those 2 trades, but the philosophy appears to be similar, if not the same!

Did you just compare the Ribeiro (Roberio? lol) trade to Lapierre? One was giving away a young highly skilled top 6 center while the other was trading away a bottom 6 player that asked out.

The main thing that people failed to understand in the Lapierre trade is that the Habs traded him away (for too cheap, but he was also not producing well at all) in order to make room for Desharnais, who was a whole lot more useful than Lapierre would've been for the rest of the season AND is now signed for 2 years at a pretty low price. You only have so much spots on your team, and when one is taken by a guy who is highly inconsistent and wants out, and you have a player at his position lighting up the AHL below, well you trade.

Could he have gotten better in return, maybe, possibly. But I think they wanted the trade done quickly (you don't want to leave a player that wants out in your line-up too long) and they were not looking for a player since they already had his replacement.

In the end, hopefully he matured and helps you guys in Vancouver. He WAS a good playoff performer, and that counts. But I think that his antics also get on the nerves of his teammates over an 82 games season, especially for a team like Montreal that did not really have fighters to take care of business. But then again when he doesn't play that type of game where he gets under people skin, he just doesn't seem to get into it and doesn't contribute very well.

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