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06-28-2011, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
LMAO at the heards spending more time discussing me instead of trying to see what's in the content on the text. You're all so funny.

I don't think there is anything I would say that would make you change your mind. You (and when I say you I mean a few of you) have your pre-conceived idea of what I'm trying to do, what's on my mind and my evil plan to gain control of the planet.

No, this wasn't a full picture of Gauthier or Martin's work. I've admitted to that already but hey, you guys pass over it as if I didn't mention it. Fill your boots!

I had noticed for a while though that Gauthier was giving assets away with nothing to show for in the long run and with this research, whether you agree with it or not, whether you find other excuses to justify it or not, I have put to light that there are a lot of good assets that were sent away with nothing left to show for.

That's okay, I was expecting the herd to follow suit, to break it down. I wasn't quite expecting it to turn against me personally the way it has, but it speaks highly of the maturity (or lack of there off) on HF Boards in the last few years, in spite of the self-proclaimed patting on the back.

Perhaps I'll join the troop!

Pouliot was a bum, and so were Sergei, D'Agostini, Latendresse and Boucher. All hail Gauthier and Martin, who should have won awards for their work!
and calling some people a heard is mature... right. As for giving up assets for long term benefits? How about experience? You think if the habs didn't trade for moore who drastically changed our bottom six that the habs would have squeaked into the playoffs and had the run that they did?

You don't think that trading for wizniewski pretty much gave us a playoff spot because without him we would have no PP. You don't think Gauthier had to trade draft picks and futures for defense cause of all the injuries the habs had to deal with?

Experience is an asset, and gauthier gave the team a lot of it.

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