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06-28-2011, 08:51 AM
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Having Brouwer and Penner on the team changes the dynamic of the wingers and actually makes the team better, maybe even much better.
While I don't disagree, what I do disagree with is what Asterix was willing to offer to acquire them which would have been nothing short of an overpayment in both cases.
Wiz was awesome (and I think that trade was just downright amazing), but the players you listed were spare parts won't have been here for a long time at all.
If the spare part players you are referring to are Maxwell then yes I agree.
In actually, their impact would have been minimal in the end. How good were those trades then? His trade proposals actually ressemble what happens throughout the league.
I never argued that his proposals were off-base. I said they were overpayments. I also found it funny how he didn't like the trades I mentioned but preferred overpaying for these other players, which would have hurt the team more than it would have helped them at this point in time. Penner is an inconsistent complementary winger who is not at all different from Kostitsyn in terms of production and we'd all agree that a 1st for Andrei would be an overpayment.

As far as Brouwer goes, he's a top 9 forward with many flaws in his game, I would never give a first for that, especially since we drafted beaulieu. Washington overpayed for Brouwer, it was a bad trade.

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