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Originally Posted by Oshawa General View Post
Good points and great analysis, if only more Canadiens' fans would wake up and see how this great franchise is being mishandled by Martin and Gauthier, two micro manager, arrogant dictators, who have won what in their careers, oh yeah, NOTHING
I disagree. More fans liking or not liking the management doesn't change a thing.

Regardless though I don't see how being pessimistic is better than being optimistic. I don't feel like spending my entire life crying about things I cannot fix/change.

I'll let the management do their job because regardless of where the team ends up I'm a hab fan for life. If we have a cup winner or a bottom feeder it really doesn't matter because a diehard fan is a diehard fan, for any team. It just so happens that our fan base has many. It wouldn't change a thing though if everyone was pessimistic like you all are, people would still pay to go see the games.

If you're operating on the assumption that because of that reasoning the team doesn't feel the need to make an effort to win (even though we spend to the cap) then I really don't know what to tell you. That's a naive assumption at best. If it were only about making money they'd spend the cap floor and still sell out every game with a bottom feeder.

Instead they try to ice a competitive team each year knowing full well a good system + top goalie can equate to a cup. You can't always win UFA signings, you can't always win trades but if you don't believe in managements competence it's one thing, to believe they aren't even trying is obviously another.

So that leads me to the conclusion that you probably just think management is incompetent. That leads me to ask, how exactly do you know you'd be doing so much better? It isn't as easy as "Gomez dealt for a 4th round pick, Richards signed at a discount".

I know a lot of people living in lala land armchairing believe they can do a better job but you couldn't, you can't and frankly you aren't in that position for a reason. If you could you would be doing it. Truth is our management does a better job than any person on this forum likely could do by 100 miles and further. It's fun to speculate and armchair it up, it's an entirely other thing to bash the management when they have pretty much great success given the depleted roster and team the way they were given it in the first place.

Some people won't be happy with anything short of miracles. Did Gauthier trade away assets to plug holes? Yes. Did those plugs help our team? Yes. Did we retain them? No. But who we replace them with remains to be seen, so I find it to be cherry picking in terms of time (for the article) because you wait to see all the people we let go but don't even give Gauthier the benefit of July 1st - 15th in order to see who he replaces them with.

There's a such thing as giving away a pick for an asset you don't retain and then signing a much better asset instead. That remains to be seen so the fact that you cherry pick June 28th after the qualifying offers (or lack there of) in order to post this just stinks of bias against the management. In fact the whole thing stinks of bias from line #1. I'm not saying don't be bias everyone is bias, but jeeze man you have a real hate for management. To the point of almost being unhealthy

Give them time to sign some UFA's before you bash them for being ****** at running the team.
(Some of the statements were more-so directed at the OP and not you)

Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post

You talk of maturity, yet I've read dozens of solid and realistic arguments, none one which you tried to debate. Instead of tackling the issues, which you brought forth, you rather try to paint all responses as 'excuses' or attack, and then paint everyone as though we were all mindlessly praising Gauthier and Martin. Seems to me you should take a long hard look in the mirror.
I honestly get the impression he just makes these posts to troll us. The other thread about trading a 1st for Brouwer...

Habsterix if you were our GM we'd probably be sitting in 30th maybe 29th just because the structure of a decent team was already in place And I don't mean 29th-30th by choice because you bottomed out, I mean 29th-30th because the team would suck and don't even tell me that's a good thing, because you'd have dealt our 1st overall pick for Brouwer anyways so not like bottoming out would even be worthwhile

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