Thread: Confirmed with Link: Rangers announce Chris Drury buyout
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06-28-2011, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post

In order to be bought out, a player must be put on unconditional waivers. This is to see if anyone in the league is willing to pick up the contract at full value. After the team submits the player to waivers, that player has the right to reject going on waivers if he has a NMC. However, once the team has submitted the player to waivers (technically, provided him with a notice of termination), they have the right to buy him out. When the player rejects waivers, it ensures 100% that he will receive the buyout and become UFA. If he accepts waivers and someone picks up his deal, then he is under contract with that new team and the buy out never happens.

If I were Drury, I'd reject waivers and then try to sign a $1.5m deal somewhere. Kinda like how Prospal was willing to take a relatively small contract because he was receiving money from his buyout.
If he rejected waiver, he'd get buyout money and became UFA......... If he accepted waiver and no team claimed him, he'd would get buyout money and became UFA..... What is the difference? Or something is off?

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