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06-28-2011, 09:19 AM
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I dont understand why Girardi's name always gets thrown around in trade talks here. I mean i understand why - because hes a good defender, can log minutes on any pairing (but thrives on the top one), hitting his prime, a good cap hit and is attractive to other teams if you want to get a decent return - but aren't those the exact things you want in a defender?

Hes perfectly priced imo at 3.325, hes not eating up anything, especially now that the upper limit has been raised. Hes been a great Ranger find - undrafted nonetheless. We always complain about FAs coming in, players with lazy attitudes or bad cap hits - but yet we are willing to part with a guy who's got everything we need, doesnt run his mouth, takes his lumps for the team and continues to perform well on a consistent basis. I cant make any sense of why his name is constantly thrown into deals like its an afterthought. These are the types of players you hold onto. Expendable? Sure, ok. Almost everyone is. But i wouldnt give up on this guy that easily.

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