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06-28-2011, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post

10 guys. all have a shot too. somethings gotta give eventually. and what happens if we sign a veteran this year.

should be a ferocious battle in camp for those last few spots.

my take is this, if any of the new guys step up and play well, like a vtank or a ktek and mdz continues to struggle, i expect a move. lots of chips to be dealt here.

if we struggle to score again, i could see a package put together for a scoring forward.

wouldnt be surprised to see a dan girardi in play if erixon and vtank step up and become this years sauer/mcd. and certainly mdz would be in play, although another so-so season and his value drops considerably.

this whole defense thing will be interesting going forward.
Hold on - all of a sudden people are saying we need 10 (and it's apparently really 11 given how the org feels about Partlett) guys who are young, under contract with upside for depth? Because THAT'S the list above. It is not the list of ALL defensemen who may play for the Rangers this year. People conveniently gloss over the comment I bolded.

The way you build depth for this season is to have our current crop plus a couple of vets (either 5th-7th types on smaller contracts or guys with larger contracts that we take back in a trade) and/or mediocre prospects. Take the list above, add in an Eminger plus one or two similar guys and you're all of a sudden up to 13-14 players to fill 6 slots.

My view of effective NHL depth is a solid top 4, with perhaps another guy who's pushing for top 4 status on the bottom pair. Then you want a couple of guys who can hold their own and not make mistakes at 6 and 7. In the minors you want 1 or 2 guys who can step in and not embarrass themselves for short stretches and 1 or 2 guys who have upside to eventually crack the top 4 of the big club, but are raw and working on their games. That's 11 guys total for real depth - 4 of which can be capably filled by journeyman vets and easily obtainable prospects that have plateaued like Bryce Lampman was for us back in the day.

The reason that there's real value on the list ODC laid out is that these guys are all solid talents who A) either already can, or have a decent chance, of playing top 4 minutes and B) are cheap and controllable for multiple years. Teams will want them and they will want them now, before they start losing years towards UFA and/or getting frustrated by the ceiling they're bumping into.

To hang onto 11 deep legit top 4 players/prospects for depth when 7 kids is plenty for that purpose - and especially when we're woefully short on offense - is a waste IMO. It would be equivalent to carrying a 4 kids who have legit 25+ goal scoring capability in the minors "just in case" while playing 3 Emingers in regular rotation on our backline. If we were truly deep enough at all positions that we didn't need upgrading elsewhere, sure - stockpile as many as you can. But as long as we have other holes to fill, why not use them to do so?

Which is why I'm very much in favor of A) acquiring one or two low priced vets and B) moving at least one, if not two, guys off that list either now or at some point in 2011-2012.

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