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06-28-2011, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by LyleOdelein View Post
I'm about to get off on a huge rant here... but this blog just struck me the wrong way.

It's so easy to sit back and use imperfect analysis to lambast any sports team. It's especially and cherry pick rental trades which were made to fill short term needs and lament the loss of longer term assets spent to make those short term gains.

Markov's injury drastically impacted this team. Subban was going through some consistency issues and PG acquires Wiz for a 2nd and a conditional 5th rounder in 2012. The condition on the 5th round pick was that Wiz had to play in 50% of the Habs games and that the Habs make the playoffs, which tends to give a sense of the perspective with which the Habs viewed this deal as a short-term one to shore up the defense.

Wisniewski stays healthy, continues his fine year and helps the Habs make the playoffs. Hell, he ends up being one of the better rental acquisitions made this year (certainly a lot more beneficial than Chia's acquisition of Kaberle at a later date and a much higher price). Mission accomplished as far as the trade is concerned, right? I mean, a pick of moderate value (2nd) and a pick of little value (5th) seems like a fair price for half a season plus the playoffs of Wiz's impact this year, right?

Nope. Now we'll move the goalposts again and assess the deal based strictly on whether or not Wisniewski re-signs. Even though this completely ignores the context and actual exchange of value that the trade was based on, people will use this to determine whether or not it was a good deal.

Maybe some of us should step down from our historical pedestal as fans and try to view the transactions that occur over time with an understanding as to why they were made at the time? Maybe we should try and recognize our self-annointed designation of being an knowledgeable fanbase and at least look at the whole picture, before spitting on the frame of it? Maybe we should get rid of our sense of entitlement and stop thinking that the current GM has to rob other GMs in every single transaction he makes. Maybe we should also realize that management in this era of the league is much different than it used to be and every team, every single team is impacted by free agency, the rental market and salary implications, no matter how ingenious we think their front office is.

Maybe then, we will realize that things aren't as terrible as a few poorly selected and misrepresented arguments might make them seem. Maybe then, we might deserve better.
I tend to agree with you and other posters of the same view.

However. See bolded above.

Last year was the last time. There is no excuse this year.

If the Habs fail to sign a reasonable back up to Markov this year, and we spend yet another 2nd round pick on a rental, I will cross the line from being supportive of PG to wanting him gone.

I really believe that if PG does not sign Wiz or another solid top 4 D this year, he will have been grossly negligent, and pretty darn stupid also.

I do support your positiveness, but I am watching PG very closely on what he does in the next few days with our D.

Mark me. If PG fails to sign a top 4 D, this board, and some of you more positive posters also, will be going mental in January when Markov or Subban goes down for the year. Mark me. You need 3 top producing D men, not 2. 2 is not enough.

I wait with interest.

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