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10-19-2003, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by moosefan
I agree Olesz brings more to the table than Staal. Both are great two way players, Olesz is more physical and has a higher offensive celling (though Staals isn't bad, Olesz offense is much better).

Schremp is just an offensive wizard that is hard to pass up, he is the type that will bring people to the rink to see his game.
IMO Staal offense relies more on effectiveness than overwhelming skills. Olesz on the other side, seems to have much more to bring in the offense department thanks to his physical-skills combo. Still, I think that both will be great Nhler but will fill different needs. Btw, I dont really remember about Olesz skating, any thought on that?

For Schremp I totally agree that he is an offensive wizard. I would go that far to say that he has an outside chance to go #1 if he have a splendid year (I could be wrong there cause I saw much more Schremp than Ovechkin). I always thought he was a little selfish but this year it seems to be better. I dont know if he could developp into a powerforward in Nhl level ( I dont think he will) but his skills alone worth the price of the ticket.

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