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10-19-2003, 07:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Rangers_23
Woot! I picked up Marek in my hockey pool. Dropped Dickie Tarnstrom for him, hopefully it will pay off.

Quick comparison: Zidlicky = 5 points, Entire NY Rangers D = 2 points.

Yeah, we sure are better off without him.
Marc Savard = 5 Points
Marius Czerkowski = 4 Points

Mike Modano = 3 Points

Following your logic, dallas should throw in a couple additional players on top of Mike Modano for either Savard or Marius.

Don't you think it is a little early (we have played 4 games) to judge whether or not we need Zidlicky?

And he didn't want to sign with us anyway, so in that case, he was only an asset worth trading not having unsigned.

And oh yeah, that trade hasn't benefited us at all, after all, Dunham has been awful and we should have instead traded a couple other players for Cujo and kept Zidlicky becuase in that case we'd be so better off.

It was a good trade for us, and apparently it may be a good trade for them. I hate Sather, but a least be objective.

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