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Originally Posted by Little Nilan View Post
Anyone who would agree with that would be wrong. A 1st for Andrei would not at all be an overpayment. First, which part of the first round (as the 20th+ spots are generally worthless) and in what quality of draft? The chances you get a better player (or even a player as good as him) than Andrei are slim. I would rather have Penner anyways, but the other team wouldn't rather have Kostitsyn. At least the Penner+Brouwer ideas were "big picture" kind of acquisitions, like Moore and Wiz... if management had actually signed them. And how can you not imply management has no vision? The big shot from the point has been the key to the Habs powerplay for the last millenium, yet every year since Streit left, they end up having to fix that problem mid-season with a higher acquisition price and after a few games were lost.
Right, we have PK that has that bomb, and Weber certainly has one as well but he needed more time. Perhaps he'll be ready this season.
In any event, the problem isn't about that. You can criticize management for this, I don't think anybody will dispute you for it. The problem is that Habs focuses only on just doing that. He fails to acknowledge any of the good.
Ya, Wiz was a rental, how many rentals get traded for and not re-signed? That doesn't mean it's a great move, but it's a very common one. But if you want to point out the fact that those players only ended up as rentals, then shouldn't you also recognize that management at least was proactive in filling in some spots??
Why only bring out the ''they're gone'' side? Especially when you're trying to write an objective post (talking about Habsterix, not you)..

As for the trades he proposed. It was a 1st round pick + Tinordi, which is an overpayment. Habsterix will bring up the physical aspect, but Penner throws about one hit per game which is less than AK. He also scored 2G in 19GP with the Kings (only 6pts), and was rather disappointing in the POs. Certainly doesn't seem like the Kings got away with the better part of that trade, as of today.

As for a 1st for Brouwer, it's a horrible deal especially considering we ended up with Beaulieu. The man scored more than 20g once and never went over 40pts. He hits a whole lot though, so probably why Habsterix likes him. Penner barely hits however, so he probably just likes him because he's big.

You're right, getting them would change the dynamic of our team. Trading Plek/Gorges/Subban for Vinny would have also changed the dynamic of our team.
It doesn't mean our team would be better.

Penner/Brouwer will add up to about 6M (if not more). That means some salary would have needed to be shed. AK would be on the outs, and Habsterix would probably whine that Gauthier lost yet another asset.

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