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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
I have alot of co-workers who are flyer fans, one in particular who is privy to inside info about the team at times.

No one saw this coming,
I would not be so sure of that.

Perhaps you should get to know a poster named Playmaker 26.

When the Flyers off season thread Part 1 started several weeks ago at DobberHockey, Playmaker posted that there was a huge shake up coming, that it definitely involved Carter and perhaps Richards as well. He posted that the Flyers were extremely unhappy with both of them. Their performance on ice and their behavior off it were being criticized by the Flyers. He was asked to verify his source inside the organization by the Mod, complied and things progressed from there.

The guy was lit up pretty good, but he called this entire thing, from it's very beginning, to the very a tee and down to the last detail. Every move in advance. Where Richards and Carter were going, who was coming back.... and generally why the Flyers pulled the trigger.

I read and then re-read the thread. An amazing example of how social media works. I've never seen anything like it. After reading thru the thread, I'm of the opinion that the Flyers may have actually been behind the posts to some extent. This may have served as a way to get their side of the story out w/o blowing their cover or giving up too many less than flattering details.

I don't think the whole story is out there. It may never be, but my conclusion after reading the thread is that the Flyers organization thought this thru pretty carefully and did what they felt they had to do.

Kudos to them, IMO.

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