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Originally Posted by masshky View Post
What's the consensus as far as tape wear as a reliable indicator of proper lie (and/or length)?

The Warrior Savard pattern comes in three lies...

I bought the "6 lie" blade and had concentrated heel wear.

Going along with the "more heel wear, lower lie or less length" theory, I bought the "5 lie" blade, put it into the same shaft in which I previously had the "6 lie" so that stick length would remain consistent, and again am experiencing more wear at the heel.

I may end up giving the "4 lie" blade a shot or just decrease shaft length at 1/4" intervals, but I wanted to get forum feedback as far as the legitimacy of tape wear as a relevant and reliable indicator of proper lie/length.
It's a good place to start but it's not always totally accurate. Heel wear could be from when you're skating around with your stick on the ice without the puck and without being in a full out stride. If, when you're skating with the puck and shooting, you feel comfortable and dont feel as if you're having to stick handle and shoot with your toe off the ice, then the lie is probably fine.

Keep an eye on how you have your stick when you're "floating" out there and see if you're dragging it along the ice with the heel. Your stance is bound to be different when you're floating (more upright, stretching out for pokechecks/sweeps, stick further away from the body) than when you're in full stride or carrying the puck/shooting.

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