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Originally Posted by Puckface NYR View Post
Horrible signing, as was Drury, as has Redden. They all held back/handicapped the team. If you don't think that then i don't know what to tell you.

Your rationale for the Redden signing is wrong as well. The Rangers were a pp qb from being a top 4 team.

But we needed to resign Jagr, which we didn't and instead replaced him with Naslund.

The team went from a top team to a borderline playoff team and extremely mediocre. Never was i more disappointed in a GM. The reason being, Sather had a VERY good team in his lap and completely broke it up for no reason.
Agree we were much closer than any other year, the 08 season just missing conferance finals that i though we should have got to. What do we do, we go and overpay for guys we did not need. Its fine to rebuild and we already were with guys like Dubi, Cally, Stall all stepping in, idk what Gomez has to do with rebuilding nor Drury.

After that year we could have easily signed Jagr a couple more years along with Nylander and maybe add a top D man that you scouted not Wade Redden because he played some good hockey years ago lol. I am not arguing that Gomez is a terrible player as he does have some value but hes def was not a good signing. I would much rather have Antropov who btw the year against Wash were we went 7 games was are number 1 center with Dubi and Avery line, not Gomez or Drury. So yes it was a bad signing because we could have got as much or more from Nylander for a couple more years and add a second line center like Antropov for 3-4 mill and between the two your getting a lot better than Gomez.

Idk who the OP is but i think i will remember him for further posts lol, to argue that we had nothing from 07-09? Not to mention sayin we added to the team after that by signing Gomez, Drury and Redden is a big joke. And an asset like Gomez with that contract does not land u much, we seem we may have got lucky with Mcd but that does not happen often, i.e Drury, Redden, Holik, the list goes on.

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