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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Nope, I do that on purpose. Why? Simply because I call a spade a spade. I call it the way I see it. If I wanted to win a popularity contest, I'd write about how great the organization is, how great the players are, how they can do no wrong. It's go with the popular belief, follow the herd like everyone else. It's not as much putting anyone down as it is painting the picture the way I see it. To the readers to use it in a constructive or destructive manner at their leisure.
I disagree. I'm starting to think you're just using the Charlie Sheen model of any attention even negative is better than no attention. Maybe to get more readers, who knows really. But it certainly isn't calling a spade a spade. You aren't calling it how you see it if you are clearly not seeing the good side of things too. And I'm not saying there was a good side of every trade, but the times there is a good side you neglect to notice it. How is that calling it how you see it? I'd say that's more so calling it the way it fits your argument.

Either way I know these words are lost on you. You're one of those people who will hate regardless of the moves being made unless they're basically your moves or we win the cup. Nothing short of winning the cup would change your mind. Heck if we had won the cup in the last two seasons I bet you'd be making excuses for why we were very lucky and it had nothing to do with PG/Gainey

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