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06-28-2011, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by satrabyk View Post
LOL. Ya its so simple that is why Drury, Redden, Holik, Kaspar all returned us good value. The fact is your lucky this time that Gomez was a player 1 manager was willing to take on and wanted him enough to actually give up value for him. Dont get fooled that does not happen very often, and we all know that.

You also fail to mention that by signing the wrong guys like Gomez to play as a number 1 center and hes not the right guy or not cut out for that role your season is all but destroyed as you have a guy getting 7mil playing at times 2nd or 3rd line, than u have Drury who barely able to get a shift other than a faceoff and than get off and getting 7mil to do it. Your trying to tell me this doesent handicap the team hahah. You better not become a GM. You scout, u wait and u sign the right guy, you dont just sign guys because you have cap space.
Well it sounds pretty simplistic from you too. Just always get the right guy?--no matter how long or what it takes? And if there isn't a right guy?--if your team doesn't have a center who can fill a top 6 role at all?--what do you do then? Because Gomez did more or less fill that role for two years because Nylander decided to leave and if you go backwards in time in a time machine with the Rangers thinking that they'd just missed the conference finals and thinking they were on the verge of better things they really did need someone who could fill a top center role and apart from Briere there was no one else on the market--and his sidekick Drury got the 2nd line role. And if they hadn't been there who would have? LOL right back.

By the way I have 0 interest in being the Rangers GM but if I were you I wouldn't be quitting my day job either.

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