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06-28-2011, 04:32 PM
Hugo Sham
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Originally Posted by icerocket View Post
Another cry baby article.

"Argh why can't they manage this team the way I want them to!!!"
to blanket it completely as 'cry-baby' is disrespectful. you, me might not agree with some of it, but get ready for cunneyworth as an assistant - oh look another ex-senator, who's comfy in the jacques martin country club. it's a bit sickening to be honest. I guess he's a 'logical' selection, but we all whined when the org. was filled with incompetent ex habs like houle and cournoyer and now we've become the ottawa repository. heaven forbid we have 'outside' voices...those seem to find work elsewhere --muller, boucher...etc..

what happens if another martin 'yes' man deboer (who i like) get the 'dogs job? the point will be confirmed for the umpteenth time that martin simply cannot work with anyone who fits outside his pin head paradigm about coaching
guess molson is not really paying attention.

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