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06-28-2011, 06:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Fish on The Sand View Post
It was quite apparent that Hamrlik was not near as effective as his numbers showed. It is also worth noting that defence scoring totals were for some reason greatly inflated last season. Hamrlik should not be in consideration for this team, and if he is on this team we will be icing virtually the same as last year's expected defence except swapping Spacek for Emelin. Tell me, how is that a recipe for improvement? Anybody who wants Hamrlik to stay believes that last year's team was good enough to win the stanley cup, which is patently untrue. The goal should be to get better, not stay the same. It is well known that in sports if you didn't get better, you got worse.
The popular excuse I keep hearing is that "Markov is like a UFA signing" since he missed large portions of 2 seasons ago and all of this season (more or less).

If Markov gets injured and we are left with only Subban to carry the offense-from-the-backend load we could be in serious trouble. Hamrlik is one year older now, Spacek is inept in that role now. We would have to hope that Weber/Yemelin or Diaz can step into the limelight and provide secondary scoring from the D position. That's a lot to ask in my opinion.

Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
Let's use logic here... you can tell me at any point where the logic goes wrong. Surely there must be something wrong with my logic because this just seems dumb.

1. We think 1.3M is too much for Pouliot at 13goals30ish pts with no PP time and being yoyoed non-stop only to finally lend on 4th line with no confidence while being one of the top producer per ice time on the team. So we don't sign qualify him.

2.We don't trade any dmen and make an offer to Hammer thus plan on having :


3. There's nothing left on the UFA market forward wise.

4. Our D is complete with 8 NHLers.

5. Our goaltending is set with Price + random sub 1.5M back up.

So... how do we plan on getting to the cap exactly ? And if we don't plan on getting to the cap, why didn't we keep Pouliot again ?

I'm REALLY curious to see what's going to happen in the coming 2 weeks...

Either management plans on not giving any chance to Emelin to make it and will sign a dman come july 1st or we have some trades brewing up or we don't plan on spending to the cap. Those are the only conclusions I can reach at this time...
Exactly, I share your views on this one...

As a fan I'd be pissed if the team didn't spend to the cap (especially when you look at astronomical ticket price increases). We deserve the best product possible, now admittedly the FA pool has gotten more shallow but I expect PG to take a dip in it. I'll be extremely disappointed if we go into next season with a copy-cat image to what we had last season + Pactches/DD/White full-time. At the very least improve the team via a trade if at all possible, having seen all the players getting moved recently some for peanuts... Well, you get the idea.

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