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10-19-2003, 09:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
Bob Gainey will not be impressed.

When he stepped in as GM of this team, his goal was to see each player working constantly and for each of them to have accountability for his actions. With the poor performance given by a number of Habs, this effort will greatly annoy the man who never took a shift off.

Certainly, kudos go to the Buds who played a much more disciplined and structured game than last time. The effort given by the dreaded blue-and-whites was infinitely better than the debacle with which they opened their season, however the Habs did not reciprocate in effort tonight, instead putting in long stretches of lacklustre performance.

It was a case of weak offence on weak defence and stronger offence on stronger defence. The Habs lack of talent up front easily hampered by a suspect defensive corps that relies on Kaberle, easily one of the weakest number one's in hockey.



Theo: Kept us in the game, though it has to be said, he probable felt he had to after letting in that goal. Still and all, he played an excellent game positionally allowing the Habs the opportinity to make something of it. A-

Bouillon: For someone who supposedly had a great camp and was ready to be a full-time NHLer, I wasn't impressed - as I usually am by him. He made numerous errors and was quite often caught flat-footed. B-

Brisebois: Impressive. Finally a coach who insists he sticks to the basis and look what you get: a solid defenseman who can also contribute offensively. A-

Rivet: Solid play, including a number of offensive rushes that really looks good in his game. Still has a tendency to get a little behind defensively, however all in all, he played a good game. B+

Markov: Felt the pressure more tonight than he has all season and aquitted himself well. Moves the puck quickly and positionally is excellent. A

Quintal: Will the real Stephane please stand up? Tonight, instead of a comedy of errors, we got to witness a series of excellent defensive plays. Don't pick up a ticket for Montreal yet, Komi. A

Souray: Another extremely solid game. What pleases me most is the fact that he's not just a defensive defender, but creates a lot of offensive opportunities. Extremely good at picking his spots. A

Ward: *sighs* AHL quality game all the way. Overpursuit, poor handling of his stick...a really sub-par game. We begin to see that when he was put in last year, it was his effort that made him look so good. In a pro system with pro players, he's just outclassed. C-

Begin: Wonderful play and two old-time hockey hits. He's a pest, super quick on his skates, and causes no end of trouble for the defence. Best part is he can play it himself. A-

Sundstrom: Aside from the first shift of the game, he might as well have stayed home. His minimal PK time could easily have been filled by someone else. C-

Juneau: I'm just waiting to see more people bash him. Love to see how they explain how bad he is after first marking Mario out, then doing the same against Sundin. A

Dackell: Good game at both ends of the rink, though his offensive contributions were sporadic tonight. B+

Bulis: Best Hab forward by a country mile. Used his speed to great advantage and unfortunately failed to convert on his numerous chances. Anyone fancy a Ryder - Koivu - Bulis line? A+

Audette: What to say? He looks like he's working hard, but nothing happens. He tended to lose the puck more often than anything tonight. B-

Perreault: Basically invisible, and that doesn't auger well. He centred a pretty much useless line tonight, and didn't put in half the effort he's been putting in recently. C+

Ryder: Interesting to see how he bounces back after this one - by far his worst game. His skating seemed half-speed and he wasn't a threat until the third. Then again, maybe the killer hit he took from Audette had something to do with it. B-

Hossa: Well, if he continues to improve each game as he has, we're in for a treat. Tonight he was dominant in the corners and looked like an actual offensive threat. A-

Ribeiro: Aside from one or two flashy shifts, he was basically invisible tonight. The much bigger Leafs kept him pinned and marked out for the most part and he didn't seem to have the same will to get out of it. B

Zednik: Still holding on to the puck way too long, but at least he's trying to create something. If he's going to be better, however, he's going to have to work harder off the puck. B


I just pray that there's no whining from the Montrealais about the reffing tonight. Toronto actually played a far more disciplined game, and I don't think the calls were that off-base. On the other hand, is there a team in pro sport that complain as much as the Leafs do on EVERY CALL? They all take after Pat Quinn, who is rapidly working himself into the position of the most classless coach in hockey.

If Sax is ready for Monday's game against the Wings, I don't suppose we'll hear too much whining about mixing up the lines after tonights game. We really could have used his flash and dazzle tonight. We could also have used Langdon's fists in Sundin's face - perhaps the most classless player in hockey.

I suspect there'll be some lineup changes before Detroit gets here; let's see how we match up against a team with both a real offence and a real defence (not like TO). It's going to take a much better team effort to be successful then.

A concerned fan.

As usual a very excellent report!...I also thought that this was by far Ryder's worse game and like you, I'm very interested in how he's going to bounce back after this one. A very good thought about his skating tonight and I especially like how you phrased it - "...maybe the killer hit he took from Audette had something to do with it".

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