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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
Originally posted by robruckus

I'm not sure what your point is. Yes, he did it. But if your boss is telling you to do something you either do it or lose your job. Everything I've read it seems fairly obvious this came from above Holmgren. He was given orders and he had to follow through with them, regardless of whether or not he thought it was the right decision.

Please excuse in advance my long responses and poor punctuation. The nuns never could bang that stuff into my head.

First off I should state that I come from a position that says this whole episode is huge for NHL hockey. It's being kept on the down low because you have very expensive brands, reputations and other things that have to be considered. But IMO a huge precedent has been set with implications far down the road for the NHL. I'm not in any way trying to be melodramatic. I HATE the Flyers with a passion that goes back many years, but this is bigger than that.

That said, your statement above is a huge leap of careless speculation, IMO. It's calls into question the integrity of the entire Flyers organization. Something I'd care not to do... not being in possession of anything that indicates fact. Things I've read say that Homer was dialed in from the start. Richards at least was brought in and "issues" were discussed. The "consensus" was that during and after the discussions it was felt that a "wall" was being thrown up by Richards. It was inferred that the decision on Carter had already been made, but at this point Richards began to be shopped as well. I think it's fair to say that Holmgren did not want to do this. But it's also fair to say that he had to be part of those discussions and saw what everyone else saw. He was instrumental in the whole process of drafting, shaping, and developing these guys. He may not have wanted to do this but to say that Snider bullied him into it is a huge, and unfair statement about an entire organization and the people in it.

Originally Posted by robruckus

I don't disagree with the rest of your post, but saying "necessary them at least," is a bit of an oxymoron of sorts. It's either necessary or not.

This is something they chose to do, and yes I'm sure they had their reasons.

Again it doesn't make it the right decision.

Well, reading what I read makes it absolutely the right decision as Playmaker 26's posts would indicate. If two of your star players who are the face of hockey in your town are in fact ripping your team apart at the seams and are unrepentant or oblivious to it, then the Flyers not only made the right decision, they were backed into a pretty tight corner while doing it. Carter and Richards were a cancer that had to be cut out. Painful as that would be, as bad as it would make the organization look, and as much as it would hurt them short term. Based on Playmaker's post's the Flyers are to be commended not ridiculed. I just feel strongly about that. As much as I HATE the Flyers as a team.

Originally Posted by robruckus

Sure what you or I think is irrelevant. Doesn't mean we can't have an opinion on it and enjoy seeing how it plays out.

Perhaps you right. I don't mean to come down hard on you, really. Maybe I'm getting too old for this sort of thing. I just feel that if your going to have an opinion, try and base it on facts as much as you can. Especially when the issues are important. This is the biggest thing to have happened in hockey in some time. A huge precedent has been set. Just my opinion, but the Flyers did everyone a huge favor.

Boy, that last part is tough to swallow.

I understand what you're saying. I guess it depends on what you're reading/what you've heard and where your opinion on it comes down as far as how you perceive the move.

That much isn't relevant to me. I couldn't really care less if people think that the organization should be applauded or laughed at for what they've done. It is what it is at this point.

The points about it being speculation on my part are fine. I just don't understand how it's not speculation on the differing opinion as well. I don't think there's enough to prove either way what went on.

I also think that if we're speculating, it's much harder to commend the organization for a hypothetical rift that was so tumultuous it caused their team to go to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals and then finish with 106 points the following year. If that's the predicament they're in, then sign me up for that ****. Hell, I'll take Dubi out partying every weekend.

Again, whether or not anyone agrees with what they did for whatever reason is fine. You're just never going to convince me that removing Richards and Carter and adding the players they did makes them a better team. Because it doesn't.

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