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Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
and calling some people a heard is mature... right.
I'm not calling people a heard, I'm comparing some people to one, following each other for popularity, to be accepted. As you can see, I'm not here for a popularity contest. If some of my topics offend, I've done my job. It means that I've hit a sensible cord and there is something that's bothering people.

Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
I just love how everybody calls you out on your ******** and you still find time to throw ******** reasons why everybody is wrong and you're right.

This thread, is like masturbation for my brain...
More like premature ejaculation.

Originally Posted by beowulf View Post
While I don't completely disagree, I still think the article is a little to one sided and misleading. It mentions nothing of the fact that Wiz had to be acquired if not the team was not making the playoffs without some more offense from the back-end. As mentioned many a time, Sergei K would likely not have produced like that with the habs. I could go on but there is no point. In the end there have been some bad asset management and I would prefer another coach but all I can do is hope for the best and that some of the guys rebound and the offense produces like it should next year.
Ahhh... so refreshing to see that there are still respectful people on HF Boards!

For the record, I fully agree that it's not showing the good sides. Having said that, the purpose of the blog was not to paint a complete picture of Gauthier's work and I've admitted to that from the beginning. I had simply noticed that Gauthier seemed to have given a lot of assets in the short time that he's been GM and the team has nothing to show for those assets already. I think I've accomplished what I was looking for.

Originally Posted by Lord Chezz View Post
Glad to see the glass is still half empty, Trixie.

Like some whine with that Chezz?

Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I respect the fact that he made a blog and has the passion as well. All I'm saying is if all you're going to do is bash the team you apparently love and it's management, said passion is clearly misplaced.

I'm not saying he can't be bias, I'm not saying he can't have his opinion, but back it up.
What do you want me to back up exactly? I've stated that it wasn't a picture of the entire work by Gauthier but rather a feeling that I had, feeling that he was giving tons of assets and nothing to show for in the long run. The backing up is in the blog.

Originally Posted by icerocket View Post
Martin's results with the Habs are good.

Stop over-analyzing.
I find ironic to read someone saying to stop over-analyzing when that's exactly what people are doing by breaking down each trade Gauthier made, one by one, analyzing them, trying to justify them.

I personally don't like the work Martin has done so far... and while it will be seen as "management bashing" (see if I care), it's an opinion that's fully debatable.

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