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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
I'm not calling people a heard, I'm comparing some people to one, following each other for popularity, to be accepted. As you can see, I'm not here for a popularity contest. If some of my topics offend, I've done my job. It means that I've hit a sensible cord and there is something that's bothering people.

More like premature ejaculation.

Ahhh... so refreshing to see that there are still respectful people on HF Boards!

For the record, I fully agree that it's not showing the good sides. Having said that, the purpose of the blog was not to paint a complete picture of Gauthier's work and I've admitted to that from the beginning. I had simply noticed that Gauthier seemed to have given a lot of assets in the short time that he's been GM and the team has nothing to show for those assets already. I think I've accomplished what I was looking for.

Like some whine with that Chezz?

What do you want me to back up exactly? I've stated that it wasn't a picture of the entire work by Gauthier but rather a feeling that I had, feeling that he was giving tons of assets and nothing to show for in the long run. The backing up is in the blog.

I find ironic to read someone saying to stop over-analyzing when that's exactly what people are doing by breaking down each trade Gauthier made, one by one, analyzing them, trying to justify them.

I personally don't like the work Martin has done so far... and while it will be seen as "management bashing" (see if I care), it's an opinion that's fully debatable.
wait a minute. First you admit that you did not painted a proper picture of the situation before making your jugement call, thu invalidating the point you were starting to make, merely relying on biased opinions to base your "feeling", but then the only constructive thing you find to do is attacking somebody else's argumentative skill, which are a tad hypocritical, but are still in the realm of "Interesting" compared to yours?

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