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Originally Posted by SolkaTruesilver View Post
wait a minute. First you admit that you did not painted a proper picture of the situation before making your jugement call, thu invalidating the point you were starting to make, merely relying on biased opinions to base your "feeling", but then the only constructive thing you find to do is attacking somebody else's argumentative skill, which are a tad hypocritical, but are still in the realm of "Interesting" compared to yours?
What? You either misunderstood what I'm saying or your reading skills need some work buddy!

I didn't say that I wasn't painting a proper picture, I've said that I was not trying to paint a complete picture of Gauthier's work as a whole. See the difference? No? That's okay.

My judgement call was the fact that I felt that he was giving a lot of future assets while showing nothing in return in the long run. What is it that I didn't prove?

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