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06-28-2011, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
You would give Barker a shot? (Just curious, not criticizing you)

I don't know what happened to Barker but he has been brutal the last two years, barely even a top 6 defensemen. Sad. I doubt he gets picked up by anyone other than Florida.
I would 'cause I just refuse to believe he's that bad....but I know he was. Just saying, instead of just continuously letting guys go for nothing, you have to find a way to get something and disspointments for dissapointments can work . Problem is that Minny would have never taken him back...unless they reunite him with Lats and then they all become 30-goal scorer....great story that would be...

Going back to Barker, purely incredible that a guy who I was so sure was one of the safest pick ever, would fail like that. I knew he would not have been an offensive d-man, but a solid defensive d-man with tons of leadership would have been my worst prediction...geez....So, I would have given him a best, he somewhat becomes a AHL'er....

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