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10-19-2003, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by blah
Gagne is a much better two way player and look at the shot totals. I wonder how much Gagne would score if he was taking close to 300 shots. Gaborik is def the better fantasy pick but Gagne is the better player.
Well for starters Gagne would have to have been healthy enough to get Gaborik's 280 shots, but looking at their shooting percentages answers your question. Gagne's was 7.8%. Gaborik's was three percentage points higher.

In addition, part of the reason that Gaborik gets so many shots is because there are no skill players other than himself on that team. Gagne has fine partners who SHOULD help him achieve better numbers than Gaborik. He doesn't because he's not as good.

If you wish to believe that Gagne is the better player, feel free. THN, which is presumably neutral in the matter, disagrees with you, and I'd say it's a damn good bet there's not a GM in the league who would swap Gaborik for Gagne. I also suspect that if Gaborik was wearing orange-and-black, you'd be arguing that HE was the better player.

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