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06-28-2011, 09:45 PM
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I just wanna say that it's funny how much Rangers fans go from one prospect to another. It really is often a case of "new shiny toy" syndrome. 2 years ago, Mats Zuccarello Aasen led the entire SEL in scoring as a 22 year old.

If we're going to drool over Erixon playing great top minutes against "men" in the SEL, then don't forget that Zuccarello literally dominated that league. 64 points in 55 games as a 22 year old vs men is outstanding. He still needs to continue to adjust to the NA game and get stronger, and I believe he will. I think you'll see him break out, earn more PP time, and put up 50-60 points if he gets the chance this year.

I understand that defense is harder for a young player to master, but it's just funny how quickly we go from one prospect to another just because they're our newer, younger prospect. Zuccarello is a gamer. You'll see.

Also, Thomas is a great prospect so I have no problem with him winning this round, but Zuccarello has proved more thus far. He's put up over a PPG vs MEN, and put up .6 PPG in half a season in the NHL. He's still considered a rookie next year in the NHL. Thomas hasn't played a game in the AHL or NHL yet, so we'll see how he does against professional defenders. Ripping up the OHL is wonderful, but Grachev did the same thing and it was a whole new ball game against bigger, stronger, faster, smarter professionals. So for me, Zuccarello's a better prospect right now, but I'm fine with Thomas winning this poll. Zuccarello should hands down win the next one, but I have a feeling he won't because people are enamored by the new shiny toys.

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