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06-28-2011, 11:21 PM
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As of right now there are a lot of teams under the cap floor however the teams that are far from it, we'll say under 40 million with atleast 4-5 players to sign are

Dallas Stars 38 million 17 players signed
New York Islanders 36 million 17 players signed
Carolina Hurricanes 36 million 14 players signed
Winnipeg Jets 35 million 15 players signed
Phoenix Coyotes 31 million 15 players signed
Colorado Avalanche 29 million 14 players signed
Florida Panthers 23 million 12 players signed

Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Columbus, Tampa, NYR, St Louis and Nashville are all under the cap floor as well but are 40 million and up and wont' have trouble reaching it.

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