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06-29-2011, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Blob Buster View Post
The Gomez acquisition, while a horrible mistake in terms of cap space and asset management (really, give up a first rounder!!!), but it was an important centerpiece of having veterans sign as UFAs.
I had a dream that one day....somebody will explain to me how in hell was having Gomez the underachiever a centerpiece of getting UFA's compared to Koivu the warrior. That's, again, Gomez the guy the Rangers HAD to move compared to Koivu the guy who was worship by all the teams with his intensity and work ethic. And the guy also had his share of points and playoffs numbers as well. I will never believe that a player would see the Habs going from Koivu to Gomez and THEN think that this team is NOW really doing some efforts to be better....Makes no sense then, makes no sense now.

Sorry, but try overpayment. That's a centerpiece in getting UFA's....

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