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06-29-2011, 02:17 AM
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I agree with squidz. Winnipeg in a Pacific division just doesnt make sense anymore. They're in the Central Time Zone, and its an absolutely huge travel net to cast not just on them, but everyone else in the pacific. With the fans from Winnipeg coming down here during the draft and with the showing they had at a game or two at the X this year I think that pretty much says "We want a rivalry with Minnesota" from their fans. Geographic rivalries are good. Thats why I want to be in a division with both Chicago and Winnipeg. Both are good geographic rivalries waiting to happen.

You also have to look at the other desired rivalries of other teams that are likely to end up in the Midwest division. Chicago is not going to want to let go of its rivalry with Detroit, and Detroit is likely going to want to rekindle its old rivalry with Toronto. Thats what leads me to believe that the lineup for the Midwest is going to include Winnipeg, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit, and Toronto Thats five of the minimum seven teams. Other teams that are close to that grouping geographically are Saint Louis, Buffalo, Ottawa, and Columbus. Pick two to three depending on if the Midwest is going to have seven or 8. I want Saint Louis and Buffalo, with Ottawa as my third choice.

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