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06-29-2011, 07:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Thing is, the story out there was that Gionta REALLY wanted to stay a Devils EVEN AFTER GOMEZ HAS BEEN TRADED HERE. Lamoriello made him an offer, than Habs came back with that incredible instead of jumping at it right away, Gionta WENT BACK to Lamoriello asking him what he should do (as in, if you upgrade your offer, I'll come back) to what Lamoriello suggested to jump on the Habs offer 'cause he'll never get it with him or anywhere else. Sorry, but that's not a "Geez, Gomez is there let's go" type of reactions. But more a response to journalists ABOUT "Was Gomez a factor for you to come here" to which he answered favorably, what can he say though? "Euh, no not all, money was the only reason...". Surely, it was a nice little thing to have....but a key role? No way.
Ok, you're probably right we could have gotten everybody without Gomez, but you have to figure management thought they needed to add a big name center and they didn't want to continue with Koivu. Why they thought Gomez would work is a mistery, and a mistake we'll continue paying for for a while. What it did do was show that management was serious about changing the face of the team, for what that is worth, and it probably sent a message to the dressing room/ UFA that something was changing in Montreal.

Originally Posted by pam19 View Post

Gomez is a keeper unless we get significant more offense and size.
In this context, I can not see him being traded.

Gomez + Beaulieu + 1st + Prospect might do it for Stamkos.
We have no idea about the cash flow of TBL.
Last season cap was 55M, previous one was 51M and 2008-9 was 50.9M.
Seems attendance has gone up and PO covers for the 4M extra spent.
I can see their cap going up to 60M but they have two major contracts:
  • Stamkos this season;
  • Hedman next season.
Without looking at others players: Downie, Moore, Kubina, Clarke, Gervais...
So the real question:
  • Stamkos at 7M+;
  • Hedman at 6M+;
Can they keep both?
If yes, Malone and St-Louis or Vinny are gone.

In that context: Vinny or St-Louis vs Gomez can make sense.
Real question is: what do we need to add to make this story look good.
No way in hell would Tampa trade Stamkos to take back a huge cap hit. They would trade Lecavalier way way before, and get rid of his extremely long contract. Pretty sure they wouldn't trade St-Louis either, his contract and cap hit are not a problem.

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