Thread: Brooks: Drury Officially Bought Out
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06-29-2011, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by MasterofGrond View Post
You won't see an extra 40 team goals because of Richard's presence because the time he's on the ice (1st line minutes and #1PP) are very valuable minutes taken from somebody else's ice time. He'll be a massive help, don't get me wrong, but 40 goals is bad math.
40 may be a bit of a reach, but not that much of a reach.

The Rangers PP was abysmal, Richards ability to man the point is going to generate scoring.

His ability to play with an elite talent like Gaborik will help him get back to his 40+ goal out put.

His ability to score goals from the Center position is also going to help increase the overall team output. Our next best center scored only 21

Finally, his presence alone is going to draw teams top defence tandems allowing the Pack Line to continue their development as individuals and as a line so you can expect increased scoring there as well.

Actually, I could see a 40 goal increase in overall team scoring.

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