Thread: Prospect Info: 2011 Panthers Draft summary
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06-29-2011, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by angry_treefrog View Post
Tallon seems extremely high on him. It's true that GM's always say that they got the guy that they want. Having said that, Tallon isn't very good at lying (hell, I think the guy would fail a lie detector test when he's telling the truth as he seems to hate talking to the media so much) and he seems genuinely excited to have the kid.

I don't think he throws out statements like (paraphrasing here) "every tournament we've seen the kid in, he's dominated" lightly.

Sure, the kid may bust, but a little optimism around these parts is certainly welcome.
Of course he is excited, he drafted the player he ranked highest at that slot available. Grimaldi is an exciting prospect with high potential. He has also dominated many tournaments. But what is ludicrious to suggest is that he blows players like Jurco (which inturn implies guys like Rattie etc too) out of the water in regards to talent. That's not optimistic, thats frankly just stupid. I'd consider myself cautiously optimistic in regards to Grimaldi and am excited to have him in our organisation. It doesn't mean im going to start spouting rhetoric crap.

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