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06-29-2011, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by glenn77 View Post
I keep hearing statements that "Florida has to start over-paying for players", and Gomez name pops up from time to time as to going to Florida.

My ques is this: why does Florida have to start over-paying if they are way under the cap? I am confused. Isn't it better to be under the cap than over?

The 2011-12 salary cap is set at $64 million. The minimum team payroll (aka the "cap floor") is $48 million. This means each NHL team must spend between $48 - $64 million on players salaries for the next NHL season. Each team must at least pay $48 million in salaries next season and some teams are below that right now so they have to spend more to get to the $48 million figure. Hence hiring costly players.

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