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Originally Posted by Lion Hound View Post
Good to see alot of people here sticking up for him. At least you all know what side of the fence your on.

I don't see it the same way at all. If im an NHL caliber Defenseman with the skills that Redden had. I am going to make some noise out there. Even if...Even if my game is detiorating, I am going to give it just a little bit more to do what I can do to stay in the lineup. I didn't see that happen with Redden here. He had a chance to make the squad, and he didn't step up and take it. Therefore, I question his heart and willingness to compete to stick at this level.

I don't dislike the guy at personally. He's porobably a great guy. As for the comments from other teammates. Is that the least bit surprising? These guys have each others backs. Lots of comraderie between hockey players, and that's part of what makes this game so great.

I'm going to use a different example here of what I am talking about. Steve Eminger was a guy on the outs looking in. He came to NY and didn't know if he was going to get regular time. He siezed the opportunity by sacrificing himself and his body every chance he got. He made himself noticed. He hit everything, he had the fight in him to never give up on a play...forced a player wide, put a forward off balance so he didn't get a clean shot, to clear out the front of the net. He went after it, and he was rewarded with a job.

Say what you will about Redden, I just don't think he went after it and at the end. When skills deterioirate, you need to make up for it in other areas. He failed in doing so.

I don't see where anyone is sticking up for him...he was already starting to slip when he came here and was a terrible signing...pretty sure everyone here has posted that.

These guys have each other's backs? Jagr had an issue with Mara and he was sent to Boston...Messier had issues with guys and they were sent packing.

Is heart gonna make Eminger a better offensive player? Because based on the above if he had "heart" he would make himself better offensively.

You can't make up for lack of or declining skills with heart this isn't a Disney movie...heart doesn't give you speed to win the race to the corner for the puck. Redden was pretty one-dimensional in Ottawa, when you lose that dimension it's pretty much over.

Terrible UFA signing by Sather, and as I recall either right before or right after he signed Roszy to his fat contract as well compounding the Redden mistake even further.

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