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06-29-2011, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by mullichicken25 View Post
im sorry to be so blunt, but this is bunch of speculative ******** on top of being wildly ignorant

i wanted to stay out of this thread but this was too much

you and i dont know jack **** about how much he wanted it or how hard he tried....what we DO know if that he's not the player he once was, and has been extremely professional throught this entire situation

and for the record, his most unprofessional momment was a reported shouting match between him and Torts upon learning about his removal from the line up....sure sounds like a guy that doesnt give a **** about playing to me
Shake your head all you you want, but ease up on the ignorant comments. No need to toss out personal insults, especially when YOU are putting words in my mouth.

You want to keep your blinders on go ahead...but this guy failed, and when it was coming down to the very end he knew he was on the outs and didn't get the job done. He didn't stand out and he didn't make any noise when his job was on the line...Except the supposed shouting match after all was said and done. Too little too late. Now, he's got $6.5 million reasons to stay in the AHL.

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