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06-29-2011, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by pam19 View Post

We have no idea about the cash flow of TBL.
Last season cap was 55M, previous one was 51M and 2008-9 was 50.9M.
Seems attendance has gone up and PO covers for the 4M extra spent.
I can see their cap going up to 60M but they have two major contracts:
  • Stamkos this season;
  • Hedman next season.
Without looking at others players: Downie, Moore, Kubina, Clarke, Gervais...
So the real question:
  • Stamkos at 7M+;
  • Hedman at 6M+;
Can they keep both?
If yes, Malone and St-Louis or Vinny are gone.

Very good points. We all get pissed off about how fast Tampa has turned it around, AGAIN, after tanking.

But remember: They need to pay for their stars.

We can. They can't, apparently.

They may not have the revenue to afford it, ever.

And Stevie Y and Boucher may well come to regret that.

I wonder if they considered this when they ran south so eagerly...

The last laugh may be with us.

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