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10-19-2003, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Thalia
I've already commented on this incident in the GDT but briefly again: I wasn't at all impressed nor amused at Torre's immature prank.

Isbister looked extremely embarrassed as did the other two gentlemen on the show. Somehow I fail to see the humour in watching an invited guest get a pie smashed into his face while being interviewed on national television.

As I've mentioned before, perhaps Torres could have waited until the interview was over before pulling the prank or caught Isbisiter walking back to the dressing room and it wouldn't have ruined the interview. That's right Torres did in fact ruin the interview, at least for me he did. There's a time and a place for everything and I think that Torres was way off in both his timing and the place but that's just my opinion.

I thought Isbister handled himself remarkably well considering the uncomfortable situation he was thrown into; good for him. If future episodes of the After Hours Show include embarrassing the hell out of their guests then I know I for one won't be watching it. I don't think that will be a regular feature on the show though... god I hope not.
i thought it was funny and isbister is a good sport. he did not take that to heart, cuz that's what guys do in sports teams. i've been on 14-15 soccer teams and every season that i play the rookie always gets picked on to do something stupid. it's just what guys do to stick together as a team. They do it to remind eachother that it's only a game. Weight, Laraque and Guerin always pulled pranks on eachother. they're just passing along the Oiler traditions. besides, Raffi had his head down down and said softlyt.."..sorry" before he smashed the pie on his face. So you know he was dared to do it. It's all in the fun.

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