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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
You believe that the Flyers consciously tried to make themselves worse and are questioning someone who thinks that management never tries to hurt their team. Explain why management would do this.

The exceptions would be money problems or looking for a first pick in the draft. Neither is the case here.
And your argument is that the Flyers are a better team after the trades then they were before.

My point the entire time is that there is more to this. Do I think the Flyers believe they are a better team now then they were? No, I don't. I don't think they do either.

What I think is that they FELT this was a move they had to make for bigger reasons. I think it really did become personal with the two of them.

As I said I don't think that you can show me anywhere in the results how this was a serious problem. But yet off the ice management and the media seemed to have a field day with this.

This looks like the classic situation where Richards and Carter really rubbed people the wrong way and those people did not want to deal with them anymore.

Are the Flyers a better team now? No.

But the Flyers were able to get rid of their headaches and at the same time get back a lot of talent in return.

But if you're asking me if I think the Flyers made these moves knowing they would be a worse hockey team on the ice in the short term, then yes. They wanted to start over without these players, whatever their reasoning. That was a consequence of doing what they did.

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