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10-19-2003, 11:26 AM
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Sure I could see Comrie going to Florida – they need scoring and I actually think MC is a Keenan kind of player. He tough for his size and doesn’t back down. Most of the garbage about MC not taking to criticism last spring was so much BS covering up his desire to play elsewhere IMO. Comrie could play for Keenan – I don’t have any doubts about that - and it would probably even thrive in Florida.

But let’s get serious …..Weiss does not equal Comrie. Weiss is a small non-physical center who MAY end up as good as Comrie. He has proven nothing and is probably a downgrade in terms of toughness. So swapping Weiss for Comrie gets zero in terms of more size and no guarantee of anything in terms of offence. I also think that Weiss brings us nothing that we don’t already have in the system with Niniimaki and Pouliot. Bottom line: Weiss is a smaller center who MAY be top 6 material – Comrie is a smaller center who IS top 6 material. So from an Oiler perspective – why bother?

The Smyth at center experiment also seems to be working out pretty well IMO – and if we keep him there – then getting a center in return for Comrie is not that important given the other guys we have in the system. You have to remember that the Oilers are trading for tomorrow as much as today – and we will have a real glut of young centers in the system in the not too distant future. The only bigger young center that we could reasonably expect for Comrie and who would fit into our system right now is Stefan. I would do a deal centred around him because he would look great with any of our young wingers in the future.

So while Weiss really does very little for me – a number of the young Florida dmen certainly do. Krajicek would look very good as an Oiler because of his skating and offence promise and I could see him being part of a deal. Lowe has also liked Merzei for a long time but he would be a secondary part of any trade. This team needs dmen fast because Staios is a UFA in July – and unless we sign him to an extension – he may be gone at the trade deadline. I’d hate to see it happen but he could walk for nothing later in the summer. Smith is also on the edge in terms of his salary and value to the team. We have a few good stay at home dmen in the system like Lynch (seems a lot like a young Staios to me) and Greene (seems a lot like a young Smith) but these guys are a few years off in terms being able to contribute. So as a GM Lowe has to try keep both Smith and Staios in the system for a few more years while our young dmen develop – and add an offensive dman like Krajicek which we lack. It won’t be easy but Comrie is a big trading chip that should get us the young offensive dman we need.

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