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06-29-2011, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by McNasty View Post
I find the irony here to be that Wawa's hoagies pale in comparison to most sandwich places in the South Jersey area. Primo's is outstanding, but even most small pizza places give you a better hoagie (albeit more expensive). I love wawa for their drinks and that you can stumble in hammered at 4am and get a sandwich. However as a lunch option it just can't compare to a place like Primos IMO.
I agree. In fact my grand parents live right next to a primo's but to be honest there are a couple other hoagie shops on the main line that are way better that we go to. But where im at id eat freakin wawa every day, compared to the lame **** they have down here. 7/11 ugh.

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