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Originally Posted by NYRangers16 View Post
Interesting take on the situation. Taking your inside info at face value my impression is that it was in the Flyers' best interest to make it work. It's about talent, on the ice performance, and winning. Personality conflicts have to be can't let stupid drama get in the way. The result is that nobody wins, literally or figuratively. The Flyers pretty much tore themselves apart, not over talent, or for the purpose of winning, but because they couldn't get along. Kinda amazing and a shock to everyone.

If you're running an Org how do you let this happen? This set that team back years.
Well, the performance wasn't there every night. Enough to win most nights but you have a task master type coach in town. You also have a very knowledgeable fan base that will get on you because of style, as easily as effort, and results. These two were loved, so they were never booed, but there were loud murmurs. Losing four straight to the Bruins was not acceptable. I suspected something was up when Carter didn't play a few games in the playoffs due to a sudden previously undisclosed "knee injury", then returned and looked fine. Hardly any discussion at all by the local media was the tip off. It may have been a coach's message to the team and management. Just guessing here but the lack of the usual fanatic coverage stuck out like a sore thumb. Richards didn't exactly excel, either. It might have just been a "perfect storm" series of events. It did shock the world in these parts.

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