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Originally Posted by Rhett4 View Post
Ted Black was just on WGR, and I missed most of it. But from what I did catch, he sounded very confident that something would happen this weekend (not necessarily Richards). When asked if we should fasten our seatbelts, he hesitated for half a second, then said, "Yes. We plan to be as aggressive as necessary."
Without hearing the actual audio, I'd bet money that his non-response when asked about Richards is just more of the protocol Regier has been following: don't risk getting into possible trouble by naming specific players belonging to other teams. The last thing a GM who once had a fax machine malfunction cost him a player's rights is to have the winning offer to Richards get nullified by accusations of tampering before 7/1.

Black's "aggressive as necessary" reinforces the speculation many have noted that Pegula wants to make a "big splash" - and, in the process, send a message around the NHL to all potential future acquisitions that Buffalo is serious about winning and a big-time player just like all of the glamour teams.

Just a hunch but I strongly suspect that he knows that overpaying in the short term may cost him more money than warranted for one player but will reap a much larger return on his investment by quickly demolishing the stigma the rest of the NHL looks at Buffalo with based on their past frugality. To come up successful with the most highly-sought after player in free agency, against the big name teams, would send such a message instantly; to bid on him and come up short over simple economics may only perpetuate the notion that most people around the NHL probably have - that the Sabres will do what it takes to win up to a certain level only and thus are still in the second tier of franchises not willing to go the full distance.

Originally Posted by Rhett4 View Post
He also said that Terry and Kim are prepared to travel wherever they have to Friday.The Sabres are in it to win. Whether or not that pans out, we shall see.
Apparently, Richards will be in Missaugua, only a drive away from Buffalo. The market opens at noon - TP & Kim should order a buffet delivered with their complements to Morris' office and wait in the lobby to hand the Sabres' offer over in person rather the conventional over-the-phone method the rest of the NHL will try.

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