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06-29-2011, 05:42 PM
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You can all **** and moan about your hate and disdain for Paul, but in the time he was here he did more for the club than ANY other single player during that time. He was the face of this franchise almost from the beginning and played during some extremely embarrassing seasons.

I surely hope that somewhere down the line, someone doesn't hold you in such ill will for any business or life decision that you make in what you feel is your own best interest. He doesn't owe any of you anything, and hopefully he knows it and can shake the haters off without a second thought while laughing as he spends the money he made while playing the game he loves.

I understand that a lot of you were still teenagers when this happened, but one would hope as you got older and started to understand how the world works you could appreciate the fact that he made a decision, that in the long haul BROUGHT the Cup to the Ducks, while setting himself up to never win it.

Now that Paul has had the courage to admit it is over before he permanently does damage, hopefully Teemu will look real deep at his physical condition and make the correct decision for himself as well.

Hate away, I've always been a PK supporter so I'm used to it.

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