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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
I really wish we didn't make this signing. Alberts just offers nothing that we couldn't have gotten internally. IMO it's a waste of cap space unless we're planning on getting rid of Rome which I highly doubt.
Don't think it's a bad signing. I'm personally not the biggest fan of Alberts and would've actually preferred to let him go and try something different, but I have to admit that's a pretty solid signing. I mean, even though I don't like the player very much, I still realise it's not a bad signing from a team perspective. Anything from UFA market to play pretty much the same role would've cost around 2 million, and those players offer nothing more than what Alberts does. And there's no that type of players from the system either to do that job 500k cheaper.

Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
As it stands, I wouldn't be at all surprised if we found a way to dump Ballard, and went into the season with our defense looking like this:

Looks very similar to what I've been thinking. IMO the key points here are 1) Salo is important to bring back because he plays the rights side and 2) Ballard prefers left side and the only open spot on the left side is in third pairing as depth guy and Ballard does not fit that role, especially with that contract.

That being said if Gillis fails to bring in a top 6 forward I wouldn't rule out Ballard being back. A bit expensive for a depth guy, but if there's nothing else to fill the cap with... And of course there's always hope Ballard could get his head together and be an effective top 4 defender. Sort of replacing Ehrhoff, playing big minutes on the right side with Edler on left. Ehrhoff was left-handed playing right side too, so it's not impossible.

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