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Originally Posted by Sabretip View Post
When one takes Pegula's professed time table of 3 years to win not just 1 Cup but more than 1, urgency is clearly on his mind and time is of the essence. I sense that he's learned enough in his business dealings that pennywise, pound-foolish applies more often than not and that the best marketing tool any successful venture can use is action by doing.

If he spends $$$ to sign Richards but in so doing, the marketing message that such a huge investment/willingness will have changes a lot of agents, players and media members' minds in one fell swoop. Subsequently, it makes the next potential acquisitions not only easier to make but soon lead to players wanting to discount their asking price just to hop on the Pegula bandwagon. Ultimately, that $$$ he spent ends up coming back to him and his team at two or three times the value he first spent.

It's a smart way to approach it and one I firmly believe he's working under.
I don't think it is prudent to go and sign a "bad contract" for non-hockey reasons. There is something to what you are saying but that isn't enough of a reason to go over whatever Darcy would judge to be a sensible contract, because Pegula has already done plenty to signal to the world that the Sabres are serious. So while getting Richards would continue to signal that and would do so in arguably the biggest way yet, missing out on him wouldn't be a setback in that regard. Signing him to a deal that harms the Sabres' cap situation would become a setback in hockey terms and thus also be a setback to "Pegula Power".

Obviously, what a "bad contract" or "harmful deal" consists of is subjective, so everything I said is predicated on one judging such criteria themselves. There's a large area between fair value and overpayment where signing Richards would still be prudent in hockey terms, but to cross beyond that area to make some kind of point about how serious the Sabres are would do far more harm than good.

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