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10-19-2003, 01:07 PM
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Horcoff has nothing on Reasoner!!

Allright, it seems the majority of Oiler fans think Horcoff is the better centre than Reasoner. imo its obviously that reasoner is way better than horcoff. Can people please validate their reasons for why Horcoff is better than Reasoner and vice versa. I cant understand why horcoff gets pp time over reasoner when reasoner wins more faceoffs than horcoff can win, reasoner has better skills than horcoff, but horcoff does have better speed than reasoner,

also, people say horcoff needs better linemates, thats a load of crap, horcoff makes his linemates suck!!, like i rather have stoll in than horcoff, so reasoner can get top line minutes and stoll can be on the checking line. like yes reasoner is the best checker so thats why he is on the 3rd line, but im sure reasoner can put better numbers if he was given the opportunity. my line would be moreau-reasoner-dvorak
cause reasoner and moreau have amazing chemistry together and shouldn't be split up i dont know why they were against colorado. like reasoner is a good center and moreau and dvorak work hard and im sure they would generate good chances, rather than having pisani, cause seriously pisani hasnt been doign anything good for the team other than getting pk minutes and doing a fine job, but other than that, he hasnt done much, like please tell me why you fans believe that horcoff deserves top minutes over reasoner?? i seriously cant understand any reason for fans to think horcoff deserves pp time, and 2nd line centre duties over reasoner??
oh on a sidenote, has anyone noticed chimera cant pass the darn puck?? because he cant pass worth ****, he seriously coughs off the puck so many times in the neutral zone the past 5 games, seriously call up stoll already so we can move smyth back to lw where he belongs, i know you guys think smyth is good at centre right now, but seriously i dont think it'll work in the long run, just cause smyth made nice passes against colorado doesnt make him a good centre, because he wasn't even playing position when he did those passes, like he just got on the ice from his penalty and made a nice pass, but if we call up stoll in replace to chimera which we should do, we can have the following lines, and i know torres has played good but he doesnt get that much time so he shouldnt play on the top line i know he doesnt cause of the pk and pp on saturday but my lines would be these
isbister-stoll-pisani (3rd line is kinda of weak right now but i say put rita in for pisani cause, we need to give rita a chance this year or hes done developing and wont do anything for his career)
we give torres a chance on the top line early, but i say we should give a chance for moreau and reasoner to produce and also dvorak has only one point i think so, putting him with moreau/reasoner which have good chemistry can get dvorak going maybe.
this is why reasoner deserves top line minutes because hes basically the only true centreman we have that is decent.

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